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Risk Assessments in a Dental Practice


A Risk Assessment is a vital tool to help manage the Health and Safety of your team, patients, and self within your practice. It is a proactive technique that is undertaken before something goes wrong to determine where harm or injury could arise. It will decide if you have sufficient precautions and policies in place to prevent accidents and injuries.

A Risk assessment should be an integral part of your Risk Management Systems and should be routinely, systematically, and comprehensively updated and reviewed to ensure the continued safety of those that come into contact with your practice.

A risk assessment can help you to determine:

  • How severe the risk is

  • Whether any existing control measures are effective

  • What action you should take to control the risk, and

  • How urgently the action needs to be taken.

And will assist you to:

  • Identify which workers are at risk of exposure

  • Determine what sources and processes are causing the risk

  • Identify if and what kind of control measures should be implemented, and

  • Check the effectiveness of existing control measures.

How do I do a Risk Assessment?

When completing a Risk Assessment you will need to walk around your practice and identify all potential sources of risk.

I have created a Risk Assessment Template that you can use.

To download click here.

How often should I do a Risk Assessment?

There is no set time frame, but a good rule would be to complete a Risk Assessment annually, or earlier if workplace changes (new equipment, renovation, etc) have occurred.

Schedule it into your work calendar so you don't forget!

Now What?

Now that you have completed your practices Risk Assessment, you will need to develop a Risk Management Plan to ensure all the new/ongoing control measures are implemented and adhered to.

A safe and healthy workplace does not happen by chance or guesswork. You have to think about what could go wrong at your workplace and what the consequences could be. Then you must do whatever you can to eliminate or minimize health and safety risks arising from your business or undertaking.

Safe Work Australia is a great resource for extra information on how you can keep your team, patients, and yourself safe at work.

If you need help identifying and setting suitable control measures for your practice? Then schedule your FREE 30 Minute call with us today!

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