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Hit the Red Button!!

Updated: May 14, 2021

I remember the first time I saw a dentist hit the red button...

I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old Dental Assistant and had just started at my dream practice. I was so excited! One day after lunch, about two weeks into my new position I knew something was wrong. The tension in the air palpable. The other nurses were on edge, and the practice manager kept shooting worried glances to the closed office door...

"aghhh What's going on?" I asked

"Mrs Flint just cancelled her three-hour appointment"


"Mr Brown didn't show and the next three patients haven't confirmed..."

"So...?" I was still very confused

"So, he's going to hit the red button!!"

Next thing I knew the dentist (whom I admire greatly) was walking around the practice calling out all the different things that needed to be done now!

- The front garden needs relandscaping! Call the Gardener!

- The light in the sign is not working! Call the electrician!

- Call every incomplete Treatment patient and book them in!

- Update the website!

- We'll offer a discounted Teeth Whitening package!

- Why don't we have Messages on Hold?

- Where's my coffee?

- I want the stock orders halved!

- Send out a patient Newsletter today!

- Tidy up these magazines!

- Let's put marketing on the TV!

It was like a whirlwind going through the practice! We were all running around trying to look busy with no clear directions or guidance.

The funny thing is that Mr Brown did end up showing for his appointment- all be it late.

Everything was dropped and forgotten about. Until the next time.

Sound Familiar?

We all have moments of panic especially when your full book just takes a nosedive. Hitting the red button can bring on a slew of ideas to improve your dental practice.

So next time Mr Brown doesn't show for his appointment, call a team meeting. Sit down and press the red button together. See what ideas come out. You'll be surprised how insightful your team is to what could be improved around the practice!

Work out a plan, delegate and start making those changes today!

If you need help to get the ball rolling or getting those ideas into your practice, then:

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