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Employee Induction Manuals, do you REALLY need one?

The average cost to a business when a new employee is hired is $4000! This accounts for advertising, the interview and hiring process, training and your loss of production time.

So the short answer is YES! Can you afford not to have one?!

What exactly is an Induction Manual?

An Induction manual helps you establish a solid structure and a basic set of rules that you will use to manage your employees. This is important because using a structured approach from day one will help you to ensure that you:

  • Meet your basic legal obligations

  • Make consistent and reliable decisions when it comes to managing your employees – promoting fairness and equity

  • Establish a clear understanding of expectations, rules and consequences

  • Welcome and introduce your employees to your practice and their new role.

Induction Manuals are designed to aid new employees in their integration into your team and their role with in the practice. Experience shows the sooner new employees feel settled, the sooner their valuable contribution can be felt across your practice.

What should it include?

Induction Manuals need to be fully customised to suit the individual practice. Here are some points you should always include:

  • Introduction to Practice, Mission Statement and History.

  • Organisational structure

  • Wages and Conditions Policy (Per the award)

  • Office Etiquette

  • Facilities and Location

  • Dress Code Policy

  • General Leave Policy

  • Training Policy

  • Employee Code of Conduct

  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy

  • Company-owned motor vehicle policy (If applicable)

  • Harassment and Grievances Policy

  • Social Medica, Email and Internet Policies and Procedures

  • Fire Safety and emergency evacuation Procedures

  • Attitude to safety in the workplace

  • Office Workplace Safety

  • Security policy

  • Confidentiality Agreement

  • Acknowledgement by the employee (signed every 12 months)

Having a customised Induction Manual for your practice will bring definite long-term benefits to your practice as it will streamline Onboarding systems and Provide clear guidelines for a new employee to follow. This will reduce any confusion between staff and management, adding to the overall professionalism and harmony in your practice.

When writing your Induction Manual, you need to be fully aware of the legal requirements of any Award, Workplace Agreement or Employment Contract that applies to that particular employee. An Induction Manual does not override state legislation and NES requirements but helps inform your new team members how you have incorporated these entitlements and policies into your practice.

Many practices that have an Induction Manual make it a condition of employment for new and existing employees to sign the manual annually, giving you a chance to make any amendments and additions. By doing this it will show that the employee is aware of the Policies and Procedure that are in place in your practice and the expectations of the practice. Thus protecting both the Employer and Employee from Disputes in the future.

Creating and Implementing a customised Induction Manual into your practice can be a very time-consuming job but one that should not be put off.

As your time is better spent providing care to patients, let the team at Virtual Dental Management Australia create your customised Induction Manual for your practice!

Book your call now and see how we can help you!

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