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Creating a Systemised Dental Practice

Richard Branson used them to scale the Virgin companies.

Tim Ferris author of the '4-Hour Work Week' uses them.

We know we should use systems but how do we create them for our dental practice?

Here is my 9 Step guide to getting your practice systemised:

1. Know what your target is.

Determine the result you want each system to deliver. Give your system a name, decide who the system benefits and who implements it.


System name: Tracking Laboratory Work

Objective: For all staff members to know where a patients Lab work is located at all times.

Team Members using the system: Auxillary and Office staff

System Results: No missing Lab work.

2. Break down the system.

Identify and List the steps necessary to complete the system. Keep it general, but ensure no step is missed.


STEP 1 - Scan completed Lab sheet into Patient PMS file

STEP 2 - Call Lab / Courier and arrange a pick-up.

STEP 3 - Record pick up in Excel Sheet etc.

3. Write out each step in clearly stated objectives.

Now expand on each of these steps, in detail. A way of doing this is to follow an employee doing the task - choose the staff member that does that task best.


STEP 1 - Scan completed Lab sheet in Patient PMS file

a. Check that the Lab Sheet is completed correctly - Patients name, clinical details, due date, shade match and Dentist/practice details

b. Scan directly into patients PMs file by....

4. Test and Edit.

Once you have a full list of the steps involved with each system, It's time to test them. The best person to test the system is someone that hasn't done the task before. You want to know if each of your steps is clear. If it's not edit and repeat the test.

5. Assign accountabilities.

Identify the roles of positions that are responsible for each step in the system, not individuals. The concept behind creating practice systems is that those systems are transferrable.

6. Decide how you are Recording and storing the Systems.

Are you using a Word Document? Video? Online Document?

Where are you going to store the systems for easy and secure employee access?

7. How do you quantify results?

Determine what objective metrics you will use to measure your system's performance and how you'll document the results.

Example; 0% missed/ late Lab work each month.

8. Train and Inform.

Now that you have your system ready to go, you need to inform and train your team. You can have the best systems in the world and it won't mean anything if your team doesn't know how to locate them or understand the importance of a systemised practice.

Ensure you keep a record of all your training activities for accreditation reference.

9. Implement and Set Review.

Each system will need to reviewed and upgraded when a new process is put in place. For example, if you change Labs or go from impressions to 3D scanning technology.

You will need to state who will do the review and how often.

Creating systems in your practice is an ongoing process. One that will continually be changing and developing to suit your patient's needs, practice direction and new technologies.

If you would like someone to help drive your Dental Practice forward, streamline, Implement and track your systems and process then schedule your FREE 30 MIN CONSULTATION HERE.

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