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Below is a guide to the packages we offer.

Your Virtual Dental Manager will email out a customized Business Proposal within 48 hours
of your Discovery Call.

The proposal will state the best package to suit your individual practice needs and guidelines on getting started.

Our packages are based on monthly retained hours (except for the hourly package). 

All packages include a 60-minute onboarding consultation and fortnightly meetings. 

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

All financial services will be quoted and customized for each Individual Practice. Things like number staff, Associates, the current state of bookkeeping (clean up) which services you require, and business structure play a role in the quotation.

Hourly package

Hourly Packages

This Package is ideal for those looking at testing the waters to determine what a Virtual Dental Manager can do for you and your practice or as a one off project.


Minimum of 10 hours.  

Bronze package

Monthly Packages

You chose the amount of hours you need per month and a package is created to fit into your practice goals and cash flow. 


15 hours per month. Min 3 months.

Silve Package

Chose your hourly package and commit to a year of excellent Practice Management support and growth and receive a discount! 


Min 12 months.

Annual Packages

Silve Package

Customized Package

Not sure which prackage is best? Our Virtual Dental Managers will work with you to customize your unique package.