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Dental Consulting

Our virtual management consultants focus on the most critical issues in your practice and look for opportunities for growth. Namely in operations, financial and strategic management. 

We know that even with the best systems in place, it is up to your team to bring these systems to life. That's why Virtual Dental Management Australia also provides Practice manager Mentorship, team development, and HR management as well as accountability audits.


We focus on providing exceptional industry insight while ensuring your team can run the systems effectively, creating a full 360 approach to improving your practice.

Operational Management
  • Practice Audits and reviews

  • Compliance evaluation and implementation

  • WHS development and implementation

  • Systems analysis and review

  • Key Performance Indicator setting and review

  • Problem Solving solutions

Financial Management
  • Review and Analysis of financial reports

  • Operational overhead benchmarks

  • Budget Development

  • Financial software training (Xero and Quickbooks)

  • Reconciliation guidance and training

Financial Report
Strategic Management
  • Strategic planning and accountability

  • Strategy evaluation

  • Internal organization analysis

  • Business Plans

  • Implementation of growth strategies

Practice Manager Mentorship
Team Development and HR Management
  • Practice management support and coaching

  • Software training

  • Report training and development

  • Compliance awareness and developments

  • Streamline daily practice workflow

  • Team performance apprasials

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Leadership training

  • Front office training

  • Meeting development and implementation

  • Scheduling review and analysis

  • Role structure and descriptions

dental management
Training and Development
  • Team performance appraisals

  • Performance Development Plans (PDP)

  • Team training development plan

"Dentistry is one of the most difficult professions to master. You not only have to be an excellent clinician; you must also be an expert in many different areas of your business. ... This means that you must wear many different hats ... Unless you happen to have superhuman powers, there is no way that you can perform optimally in all of these areas without help."

- Dr Michael Kesner for Dental Economics

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