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About Virtual Dental Management Australia

How it all started...

Picture this...

You have just walked out of an amazing conference and you're practically biting at the bit to get back to work on Monday to share your newfound knowledge that will finally transform your practice into a streamlined profitable business while being able to create more family time!!

But when Monday comes around, Mrs. Jones has broken her crown and needs to be squeezed into your already full appointment book - there goes your lunch break... 

Tuesday Mr. Brown's simple extraction suddenly turns into a full-blown surgical, making you run behind all day...

"Don't worry I'll get it started tomorrow" you think..... But that tomorrow never happens.

You end up finding your half-scribbled course notes under a pile of paperwork 4 months later. 

And so nothing ever changes. 

Hi, I'm Seona

I am the Founder and Principal Dental Manager of Virtual Dental Management Australia.


I have seen the above situation happen so many times that when a new system is put to a dental team they roll their eyes and say "What's the point - nothing ever changes"

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Throughout my 20 plus years in the dental industry, I kept coming across the one main complaint from both dentist and staff alike. No, it wasn't Mr. Joe that just won't go numb. No it's not Mrs. Evans whose tongue just won't get out of the way and it's not even Mrs white that just keeps talking...and talking....and well you get the idea. The one main complaint is TIME.

Not enough TIME

Not enough time to get all those strategies, plans, and ideas into place either by yourself your practice Manager.

I thought "If only there was a way Dentists and Practice Managers could create more time"

This is how Virtual Dental Management Australia was created. By delegating tasks to your very own knowledgeable Virtual Dental Manager, you will be free to focus on the things that only you can do - exceptional patient care.